Deafness can be mild, medium, severe, or very severe. It can affect either one or both ears, or just one ear. People with deafness may not notice that they have a problem, but those who do find out have great difficulties in communicating. The term deaf refers to those who cannot hear; it can also refer to those who have problems hearing in some situations. Some people with deafness are not able to distinguish between speech sounds and the sound of the wind. Many other people have serious hearing issues and are completely deaf.

Hearing impaired is another term used for a person who has a very severe degree of hearing loss. A person suffering from deafness will normally have a loss of about 40% of their hearing ability. Deafness can lead to difficulty in speech, hearing loud sounds or even conversational speech. It is important to note that Deafness is a very serious condition, and many people are unaware that they have it. Deafness is usually referred to as such because the person experiencing the symptoms does not know that he or she is deaf. It can occur gradually, over time, over days or weeks, without anyone noticing that there is a problem until the deaf person’s speech and understanding becomes significantly impaired.

One of the biggest issues associated with hearing loss is the fear that someone close to you may have hearing problems of his or her own. Often people with hearing problems think that it is normal. For the most part, it is not, but for some it is. In fact, it is not uncommon for deaf people to be afraid of their hearing loss. Deafness is a disability, and many people feel that it should be treated as such. If a deaf person has a friend or relative with hearing disabilities, it is imperative that the deaf person be made aware of his or her condition so that he or she can be treated appropriately. If the deaf person does not learn about hearing disabilities and does not ask for help, he or she may end up having a long-term hearing disability, making it difficult to communicate and even to listen to others.