How You Can Help Us

Helping comes in many variations, based upon one’s talents, interaction in the community, interests, opportunity and more. You can help in many ways, based on your personal needs, desires and willingness to make a difference, via funding, volunteering and your personal connections through community, work, church and family.

You can help to provide continued funding to support Hear Me’s future camping opportunities, Advocacy (education, medical and community), Mentoring and Resources.

You can help by Volunteering.
Why should I volunteer?
Because it is satisfying to do useful work that benefits others or the community and because volunteering offers many benefits and opportunities for the people who participate.

Why do people volunteer?
In the past, it was thought that individuals volunteered strictly for altruistic reasons. However, recent studies have indicated that there may be other reasons, including:

  • CAREER – to build your resume; to develop skills or to learn new skills; to make career contacts
  • ESTEEM – to feel better about yourself; to feel needed and feel like you are making a contribution
  • SOCIAL – to act in a socially desired way (ie) helping those less fortunate
  • VALUE – to allow you to act on deeply held beliefs about the importance of helping others
  • PROTECTIVE – to relieve yourself of unpleasant feelings like loneliness and guilt
  • UNDERSTANDING – to better understand the people and organization you serve; to better understand yourself.

People volunteer for a wide variety of reasons, especially wanting to help others. But it’s also OK to want some benefits for yourself from volunteering.

Some people are uncomfortable with the notion that a volunteer “benefits” from being a volunteer. There is a long tradition of seeing volunteerism as a form of charity, based on altruism and selflessness. The best volunteering does involve the desire to serve others, but this does not exclude other motivations, as well.

Instead of considering volunteering as something you do for people who are not as fortunate yourself, begin to think of it as an exchange.

Consider that most people find themselves in need at some point in their lives. So today you may be the person with the ability to help, but tomorrow you may be the recipient of someone else’s volunteer effort. Even now you might be on both sides of the service cycle: maybe you are a tutor for someone who can’t read, while last month the volunteer ambulance corps rushed you to the emergency room. Volunteering also includes “self-help.” So if you are active in your neighborhood crime watch, your home is protected while you protect your neighbors’ homes, too. Adding your effort to the work of others makes everyone’s lives better.

Hear Me is presently expanding and we need your help in many ways. If you have experience in running your own business, we need you. If you are a dedicated office worker and enjoy working independently and with flexibility, we need you. If you are a young deaf or hard of hearing adult who has accomplished the obstacles of life and are now prepared or driven to give back, we need you through mentoring or being a camp counselor. If you enjoy fundraising and organizing events, we need you. Hear Me believes we have an opportunity in “your” area of expertise and desire. How you spend your time, is up to you but Hear Me and our families need you!

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“I do not know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know, the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve…” – Albert Schweitzer