What We Do

Educational Advocates

  • Continuous and current assessment of educational advances and legislative venues
  • ARD/IEP and program assistance and assessment

Public Awareness

  • Addressing community organizations
  • Developing radio PSA’s, TV appearances
  • Generation and distribution of bulletins and newsletters
  • Advertising in community newspapers

Camps & Events

  • Weekend and weeklong activity, information and mentor based experiences designed to promote independence, self reliance and long term relationships
  • Sponsorships, guest speakers and media awareness in conjunction with activities
  • Seminars on education, advocacy and regulations


  • Programs designed in conjunction with activities
  • Mentor group of peers with similar life experiences paired to develop long term friendship and support
  • Mentoring is a means for positive cultural inroads for present and future generations


  • Outreach program designed to address oral deaf and hard of hearing patient concerns and needs as related to services provided by medical professionals
  • Listings of medical care and early detection representatives in the medical community with similar awareness